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5 tips for practicing yoga at home

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Many practice yoga for strength, mindfulness and for self-care, but fitting in a regular studio session can be difficult around busy work/life schedules. This can add stress to an activity that should be about finding inner peace. More and more people are practising yoga at home, building it into their daily and weekly routines to counteract the stresses of life. But what do you need to successfully maintain a yoga habit at home?

  1. Make a dedicated space, even if it gets cleared away between practices. Find a space in your home that is quiet, calm and undisturbed. Make sure your space is at a comfortable temperature and has appropriate lighting. The sense of calm can be improved with live plants, crystals and the correct yoga equipment. You might consider having music playing quietly on a speaker or oil diffusers to add to the atmosphere and enhance your mood. Keep your space clean and organised and wipe down your equipment regularly.

  2. Have the essentials. Everyone knows about yoga mats, but did you know that yoga blocks and straps, for example, can unlock poses you didn't know you could reach or enhance your flexibility when it is lacking? Finding the right equipment that works for you is essential to successful yoga practice.

  3. Find a style and routine that suits you. There are so many yoga practice styles out there, and it can sometimes be information overload. It’s important to master the basics and build from there in a style that suits your body and energy. Sticking to the same style can help you improve your yoga skills and reach your goals.

  4. Build a schedule. It can be hard to commit to a routine when there is so much going on, but setting a reachable goal can help form a habit. You might find you have a spare 10 or 20 minutes after you wake up, or before you go to bed where you can focus on yourself and build on your skill.

  5. Look for videos and sessions online. Just because you’re practising from home doesn't mean you have to do so alone! There are countless resources online to guide you through your practice and help you discover a style of yoga that suits you. You could even join an online community that shares similar goals to you to help you keep to your schedule and achieve your goals, or even challenge yourself to set new ones.

Woman practicing yoga at home using tablet

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